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Is school the right place to learn real estate and property management?

The number of real estate students rises with each academic year. Many of them see their opportunity for making a fortune in the field of investing and managing properties across the US. No doubt that real estate investors or property managers have their piece of the market which pays high commissions to anyone willing to get educated on the matter.

However, the real question we’re concerned with here is about the quality of the school programs that offer to teach in real estate. In this article, we are about to break down some of the facts related to learning real estate and property management in school.

What does a real estate program offer?

The core of the real estate programs is wrapped around the practicality of the investing and managing a property. The students who take the class in real estate can expect to gain know-how about the critical areas of real estate industry. Their perspective is a brokerage or a freelance contractor within the field of their study.

In most schools, real estate program is taught mainly through the theory. The students ought to learn maths, project management, statistics, finance, economy, and other subjects related to the real estate. They gain property management ideas through different examples from the book, with too little or almost no practical knowledge on the matter. This is, for the most students, a severe downturn since they envision real estate as something useful, not as a theory.

Teachers are defending their ground on the matter. Real estate cannot be learned by the experience. It’s a delicate science that requires a deep understanding of management, investing, and construction before dealing with the property itself. They believe that the rising trend of real estate investors who are flipping millions of dollars on the market is the reason why most students are unsatisfied with the curriculum.

What can a student expect from a real estate degree?

While teachers think that students have no reasons to feel unsatisfied with the real estate degree which is still a desirable asset in the industry (especially when it comes to finding a job and starting the career), most students feel like they are lead to a misbelief. With the rise of the online educational platforms that offer low-budget or even free courses on the subject of real estate and property management, students are turning their heads toward the better solution. The quality of the programs is a primary reason why most of them are more satisfied with the opportunity to learn from home. Besides that, the already mentioned real estate moguls, successful investors, and property managers set up the role model for the upcoming generations of the students. In their version of real estate and property management, the school has a minor importance to the practical skill of finding good deals, raising funds for buying a contract, due diligence, underwriting, and other aspects of the real estate.…